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Last Updated: (11/16/2008)

Bare Results

Entry Form:

17th annual Decatur Open, August 16, 2008. Aquadome Recreation Center, Decatur, AL
Click here for an entry form. (See last year's results)

The field is limited to 71 players. This year the first 69 entries sold out on July 8 !!
If you sent in an entry form but are not listed below you will be contacted about whether you would like to be added to the Waiting List in case any one withdraws. If you are not contacted within a couple days of sending in your entry, please feel free to contact Chip Patton by e-mail or telephone (see the entry form for address and phone number.) We regret that we cannot handle more competitors. Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm !
Yevgeniy Puzyrev (1906) of Nashville, Tennessee won the first eBay spot at $56.01. Congrats, Yevgeniy!!
Michael Harris (1784) of Anniston, Alabama won the second bid for $53.26. Congrats, Mike!!
Both eBay winners will receive a door prize at the tournament.

The tournament starts in: (days:hrs:mins:secs)


If you are entered but will not be able to play, please contact us (call Chip Patton or email me at crpatton at-sign hiwaay.net) so that we may let someone else play! (If you withdraw for cause by August 11th and we fill your spot you will receive a refund. Withdrawals after August 11 are on a case-by-case basis, please contact us!)

From Where: Players hail from 9 different states! (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, MO, NH, TN, TX)
Traveling the farthest: Danya Budiman, Salem, NH

You are visitor number : (since June 30); Please visit our sponsors' web sites and show your appreciation!

The Shirt: See this year's design! (Artwork by Ashley Holmes.)

The Draw: The draw, showing who is playing in which round robin groups in the morning, will be printed in The Decatur Daily on Saturday, the morning of the tournament. Buy your copy!

*Ratings posted on USATT web site Aug. 8 will be used for the draw. We anticipate a few minor changes. (This has now been done!)

The Players:
(71 players are entered as of 7/25/2008. Ratings have been updated on 8/08!)
Name City State Club USATT Rating *
Shigang Yang (2008 champ) Brentwood TN Newgy TTC 2610
Chance Friend (2008 finalist) Plano TX Plano Rec 2410
John Mar (2008 quarterfinalist) Lawrenceville GA AGTTA 2265
TJ Beebe (1996 champion) Marietta GA AGTTA 2262
David Landry (2008 semifinalist) Huntsville AL NATTC 2097
Slawomir Waclawik (2008 quarterfinalist) Nashville TN NTTC 2091
Liedy Handoko (2008 quarterfinalist) Cordova TN Bluff City TTC 2065
Adam Brown (2008 quarterfinalist) Hoover AL Bumpernets 2054
Tommie Dailey Birmingham AL Magic City TTC 2019
Jason Denton (2007 semifinalist) Ardmore AL NATTC 2005
Wing Chan Madison AL NATTC 1928
Ujwal Shrestha (2007 quarterfinalist) Birmingham AL Magic City TTC 1911
Terry Hamilton Birmingham AL Magic City TTC 1910
Yevgeniy Puzyrev Nashville TN NTTC 1906
Bill Mobley Huntsville AL NATTC 1905
Andrew Davis Pell City AL NEATT 1872
Shelby Lane Collierville TN Bluff City TTC 1866 Ex
Kin Chan Madison AL NATTC 1858
Danya Budiman Salem NH ManchesterBC 1831
L.A. Johnston Pensacola FL Pensacola TTC 1812
James Morris Cumming GA AGTTA 1807
Denis Fritchie Cordova TN Bluff City TTC 1801
Brad Williams Mayfield KY Mayfield, KY 1799 M
Xiaofeng Guo Chattanooga TN Chattanooga 1798
Barry Putman Attalla AL NEATT 1796
Chris Crider Mayfield KY Mayfield, KY 1786
Michael Harris Anniston AL NEATT 1784 Ex
David Budenstein Niceville FL Pensacola TTC 1771 M
Gerald Echols Cumming GA AGTTA 1768 Ex
Prakash Prasai Birmingham AL Magic City TTC 1761
Leon Curry Memphis TN Bluff City TTC ~1750 M
Adrian Nuta Brentwood TN Newgy TTC 1744
Steven Jenkins St. Louis MO St. Peter MO 1738 Ex
Danny Crowson Delta AL NEATT 1737
Bob Bowlander Waco GA NEATT 1718
Andrew Strong Decatur AL NATTC 1668 Ex
Johnny Billy Satsuma AL Pensacola TTC 1660 Ex
Ted Melton Pelham AL NEATT 1658
Herb Bennett Hattiesburg MS USMTTC 1656
Roddrick Harrell Birmingham AL Magic City TTC UR (~1650) M
Scott Lane Collierville TN Bluff City TTC 1649 Ex
Kui Zhang Vestavia Hills AL Magic City TTC 1643
Roger Dickson Gallatin TN Newgy TTC 1615
Carl Lewis Sr. Memphis TN Bluff City TTC 1610
Li Hok Ming Madison AL NATTC 1606
Barnabas Gonzalez Vestavia Hills AL BumperNets 1604
Joseph Fonbah Northport AL UATTC 1522
Torin Alter Northport AL UATTC 1497
Jonas Boateng Huntsville AL NATTC 1463
Ed Watts Huntsville AL NATTC 1441
Trevor Chan Madison AL NATTC 1432
Todd Friend Plano TX Plano Rec 1394
Bill Sutton Montgomery AL NEATT 1385
Fred B. Mitchell II
Athens AL NATTC 1380
Spencer Friend Plano TX Plano Rec 1353
Jonathan Fonbah Northport AL UATTC 1294 MJr
Chander Mohindra Hoover AL BumperNets 1224
Bob LaBarre Vicksburg MS MS 1137 M
Tson Chan Madison AL NATTC 1101
Collin Fullerton Huntsville AL NATTC 1085
Renee Chan Madison AL NATTC 1034
Chris Chrestman Germantown TN Bluff City TTC UR (~1000) P
Holt Gray Birmingham AL BumperNets 994
Brian LaBarre Leland MS MS 971 M
Donnie Brown Hartselle AL NATTC 901 M
Luke White Birmingham AL BumperNets 845
Cheryl Friend Plano TX Plano Rec 841
Jonathan Gonzalez Vestavia Hills AL BumperNets 831
Celeste Fong Madison AL NATTC 728
MacKenzie Friend Plano TX Plano Rec 689
Tripp White Birmingham AL BumperNets 506

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