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2001 Decatur Open Championship (8/2001):

From left, Walt Chenault, Sean O'Neill and Michael Wetzel

the night before Sean on his first Decatur Open.

2000 Decatur Open Championship (8/19/2000):

"For any players looking for a great tourney to go to in the southeast part of the USA, I would highly recommend the Decatur Open (as being) the best 2-star tourney I have ever attended. I base my opinion on the fact that I have played in over 125 tourneys in the last 5 years." -- Mark Nordby, USATT Coaching Chairperson and 2000 Decatur Open Participant.

Tai Long Tey won his second Decatur Open Championship Photo by Michael Wetzel.

John Oros, more familiar to TT fans from behind the camera, came all the way from Illinois (with Mark Nordby) to our Southern tournament. John and Mark have each been to tournaments in over 25 states, now including Alabama. (Photo by Michael Wetzel.)

This year's Decatur Open featured more juniors than ever before, including these two young guns fresh from the Junior Olympics, David Landry and Michael Liu. Both are 13 years old. A resident of Huntsville, Alabama, Landry is the 2000 Alabama junior champion and won the BBB championship title at the 2000 Decatur Alabama Open. He also won two first-place trophies at the 2000 U.S. Open in July. Liu is rated 2138 and was a semifinalist at the 2000 Decatur Open. Living in Norcross, Ga., Liu is the nation's No. 2 rated 13-year-old. They are shown here attending a post-tournament party at the Formosa Restaurant in Decatur, Al. Photo by Michael Wetzel.

Memphis once again brought strength to the field with 4 of the top 7 seeds including both finalists, Tai Long Tey and Soon Chian Lim, pictured here with tournament co-directors Walt Chenault (far left) and Michael Wetzel (far right) (Photo by Danya Budiman.)
Semi-Finalists, from left, were Michael Liu, 13, of Norcross, Ga., Mark Nordby of Northbrook, Ill., champion Tai Long Tey of Memphis and finalist Soon Chian Lim of Memphis. (Photo by Michael Wetzel)

Formosa Restaurant of Decatur hosted this year's post tournament dinner party. Proprietor Theresa is seen here accepting a "dollargami" pyramid from tournament comittee member Jim Norris. Photo by Michael Wetzel.

Official tournament T-Shirt, design by Michael Wetzel, artwork by Lang's Sporting Goods: Front | Back (w/Sponsors) | Sleeve |

2000 Alabama State Championships (5/06/2000):

Action at the 2000 Ala. Championships (Closed) where Ernesto Kawamoto came out on top of the Singles and Doubles events (partnered with Adam Brown for doubles). Photos by Michael Wetzel.

Adam Brown and Ernesto Kawamoto battle defending doubles champions Jungki Lee and Chip Patton. The one-two punch from the 1999 and 2000 singles team of Brown and Kawamoto was a little too much for Lee/Patton. Scores were 21-18, 21-17. Photo by Michael Wetzel.

Dr. Ronald Peters (Brewton) displays his numerous table tennis medals collected over the years at such events as the Senior Olympics. Photo by Michael Wetzel.

Ernesto Kawamoto faced the tournament's main sponsor, Homer Brown, proprietor of BumperNets in the finals. Kawamoto respectfully downed the Championship's benefactor, 21-18, 21-12. Photo by Michael Wetzel.

1999 Decatur Open (8/21/1999):

Amy Feng served up winner after winner, and sent the returns back for more winners. (photo by Chip Patton)

One semi-final pitted defending champion Tey Long Tai against 2 time former champion Donny Flowers. The two are practice partners in Memphis and this match showed they know each other, stroke for stroke. (photo by Chip Patton)

Amy Feng let up long enough to drop the second game before taking control back and winning decisively in one of the most watched finals ever at a Decatur Open. (photo by Chip Patton)

Amy Feng warms up her son Max Friday evening before Saturday's big event. (photo by Chip Patton)

13 tables hosted 68 players at the Aquadome Recreation Center in Decatur, Al., on Aug. 21, 1999. (Photo by Gary Cosby Jr.)

U.S. Olympic table tennis player Amy Feng holds her 12-month-old son Max while Decatur Open co-tournament director Michael Wetzel holds his 15-month-old son Logan Michael at the 8th annual Decatur Alabama Open, August 21, 1999. Amy won the tournament, winning $200 and a $40 gold table tennis charm from Jimmy Smith Jewelers in Decatur. (Photo by Wendy Wetzel)

The finals went 3 games in front of an enthusiastic crowd. When it was over Amy Feng (Marietta, GA) had defeated defending champion Tey Long Tai (Memphis, TN). (Photos by Chip Patton)

Amy Feng received a check for $200 and a gold table tennis charm from Jimmy Smith Jewelers. Sponsors Pepsi of Decatur and The Decatur Daily newspaper provided T-shirts, Pizza and drinks for all participants. (photo by Chip Patton)

| Front | Back | Official tournament T-Shirt; design by Jerry White, artwork by Lang's Sporting Goods.

1999 Alabama Championships (4/17/99):

Terry Hamilton had a strong tournament defeating defending champ Jungki Lee before falling to Adam Brown in the finals. (photo by Mike Wetzel)

Adam Brown became the youngest state champion in Alabama Table Tennis history. (photo by Mike Wetzel)

1998 Decatur Open (9/12/98):

| Front | Back | Official tournament T-Shirt; design by Michael Wetzel, art by Cindy Greene. (photo by Chip Patton)

Morning round action. (photo by Gary Cosby Jr.)

The Always-Competitive Homer Brown. (photo by Gary Cosby Jr.)

Barney Reed Sr. of Newgy Industries gave David Williams a difficult time in an entertaining match (photo by Chip Patton)

Barry Putman (Gadsden, AL) shows off a free T-shirt from a prior year (photo by Gary Cosby Jr.)

1998 Alabama Championships (4/25/98):

Steve Sharples of TGI Friday's congratulates Jungki Lee. Chip Patton was runner up and teamed with Lee to take the state doubles crown (photo by Mike Wetzel)

1997 Decatur Open (9/6/97):

| Front | Back | Official tournament T-Shirt; design by Michael Wetzel, art by Cindy Greene. (photo by Chip Patton)

Richard McAfee is awarded top prize by sponsor Charlie Gover at the 1998 North Alabama Open (photo by Mike Wetzel)

Jimmy Butler is interviewed by Mark Marcus of Channel 31 Sports, WAAY TV, the Huntsville affiliate of ABC (Photo by Chip Patton)

Jimmy Butler receives the $250 and Jimmy Smith Jeweler's Table Tennis Tie Tack as 1997 Decatur Open Champion (Photo by Chip Patton)

3 time National Champion and now 1 time Decatur Open Champion, Jimmy Butler poses with former NFL player and Decatur Youth Services Director Bruce Jones. The North Alabama Table Tennis Club donated $100.00 to Decatur Youth Services from the proceeds of this tournament. (photo by Mike Wetzel)

1997 Huntsville Winter Open:

1997 Huntsville Winter Open Champion, Robert Mayer of Memphis, Tenn. (photo by Chip Patton)

Chattanooga's Doug Byrd steamed through the tournament like a choo-choo, upsetting Don Gaither and ousting Saymek Sourinthone (Nashville, TN, seen here from behind)... (photo by Mike Wetzel)

...before hitting Richard McAfee's hard serves and strong forehand loops. McAfee (Atlanta, GA), was the 1996 Summer Olympics head honcho for Table Tennis before taking runner-up honors here (photo by Mike Wetzel)

1996 Decatur Open:

1996 Decatur Open Champion, T.J. Beebe (photo by John Godbey)

1996 Huntsville Winter Open:

Former 16 time Alabama State Champion Don Gaither, here competing in the finals of the 1996 Huntsville Winter Open (photo by Chip Patton)

Don Gaither rips a forehand in the finals of the '96 Huntsville Winter Open (2/18/96, photo by Mike Wetzel)

Mike Wetzel executes his backhand drive at the 1996 Huntsville Winter Open (photo by Chip Patton)

1996 Huntsville Winter Open champion Jay Sourinthone (photo by Mike Wetzel)

1995 Decatur Open:

Chip Patton serves during the 1995 Decatur Open (9/95, photo by Mike Wetzel)

1992 Volunteer Cup action at Decatur's River Oaks Center mall. The season ended at Rupp Arena. Huntsville Times article. (photo by Mike Wetzel)

1990 Volunteer Cup:

The Volunteer Cup League was held around the mid-South from 1989 through 1992, largely in shopping malls to bring the sport to the public. (3/90, photo by Mike Wetzel)    

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