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(Updated 05/24/2000 or later)


Member Activities...

Nathaniel Patton played in his first ever tournament at the BumperNets Alabama Youth Event. He hit backhand: and forehand: but what he enjoyed most was keeping score: 5/20/2000 photos by Chip Patton

Ernesto Kawamoto competed at the national ACUI tournament in Houston in April, 2000. He teamed with Brian Pace to take second in doubles and received this nice plaque:

At the Club...

The club commissioned 2 plaques for the names of the past Alabama Singles and Doubles Champions. Pictured here are Dr. Jungki Lee (Huntsville, on right) and Chip Patton (Madison), the team are 2 time Doubles Champions (1998, 1999) while Lee is twice the Singles Champion (1997, 1998). The plaques are on permanent display at Brahan Spring Recreation Center in Huntsville. (May, 2000 photo by Michael Wetzel.)

Don Gaither and Bill Mobley team up for a doubles match at the Jaycee Building in Huntsville in 1992. Matt Youngkin is in the background. Photo by Michael Wetzel.

In 1997 2 tables were placed in the new Dublin Park Rec. Center in Madison. Play is on some Monday and most Wednesday evenings from 7:30 until 9:45 (Jan., 1998 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Jungki Lee instructs 3 members of the Grissom High School TT Club (1998 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Rising junior member, Chris Dang (04/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Brothers Tom and Mike Kibler team up for doubles (04/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Henri Kibler, part of 3 generations of Kiblers at HTTC (04/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

HTTC member, long time former club president, Dave Wilder (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

HTTC/NATTC member, long time and current club treasurer, Dean Thomas (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

The Decatur branch of NATTC plays in a meeting room at The Aqua Dome Recreation Center (04/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

NATTC currently sets up between 7 and 9 tables each Thursday evening in the Brahan Spring Recreation Center in Huntsville (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Round robin play is organized by skill level based on previous weeks' play (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

John Vile service (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Phil Thompson makes a 100 mile round trip from Stevenson, AL each week just to play table tennis at NATTC! (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Ralph Kissel shows his best-in-the-state backhand (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Dr. Jungki Lee, NATTC member (02/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Former Alabama Champions Ralph Kissel, Friedhelm Schoepe and Don Gaither (12/3/94 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Community/Table Tennis Support:

Homer Brown puts on an exhibition at Shades Mountain High School outside Birmingham with Chip Patton and Dom ?? (Jan. 12, 1999 digital photo by Chip Patton)

Coaching Clinic: Premier Coach and 1996 Olympic Director Richard McAfee gave a coaching clinic at Danville High School the day prior to the 1998 North Alabama Open. He was assisted by ChipPatton . (photos by Mike Wetzel)

The Grissom High School Table Tennis Club uses NATTC tables.   Top, left to right: Dale Jobes (Vice-President), Yasu Yasuhiro, Sam Sims, Evan Basler, Navid Forovgi, Doug Kim, Graham Paxton, Matt Backer, Anuj Patel. Bottom, left to right: Paul Kibler, Derek Carson (President), Carl Marshall (2nd Vice-President), David Williams, Zack Burger. Not pictured: Adam Coleman (Vice-President), Stephen Schneider, Billy White, Jon Young, Ousama Abushagur, Chris Greenlee, David Motter, Ben Steele, Jessica Ou, Joyce Chang, Paul Howard, Andrew Stafford, Josh Smith, Kim Jones, Barry Farr, Arnab Ghosal, Kerell Bone, Jill Sampson (Secretary), Margeret Davidson (Treasurer). (11/97 photo by Mike Wetzel)

Club members Ernesto Kawamoto and Bob Countess (left and 3rd from left) helped Homer Brown, Jimmy Butler and Scott Preiss put on a Topspin clinic outside Birmingham in early '97 (photo by Ernesto Kawamoto)

Chip Patton demonstrates correct grip at the 1997 Aquadome Youth Services Lockin (photo by Mike Wetzel)

Don Gaither and Ralph Kissel give an exhibition at half-time of Class AAA girls basketball championship game before 3,200 fans at Decatur's Calhoun Community College (March 1989).

HTTC President Ed Watts returns a shot with a miniature racket during an exhibition at Sports & Co.'s Huntsville store (4/6/96 photo by Mike Wetzel)

16 time Alabama State Champion Don Gaither shows proper grip to former television actor Fred Berry. Berry played "Rerun" on the 70's TV sitcom "What's Happenin'". (See Dave Irwin's tribute page.) Taken at the Decatur Youth Services "Lock-in", where NATTC put on an exhibition and ran a tournament for the kids. Another Fred Berry Photo (11/11/95 photos by Mike Wetzel)

Around the World...

Ed Watts at Disney World -- Mickey wouldn't play him (note the ears on the paddles, and everything else!) (1998)  

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