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1999 Nationals (Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 15-19):

Tawny Banh (CA): Here Tawny easily defeats Jackie Lee in the Women's semi-final. Photo by Chip Patton (F2, 85 mm, 1/250, 800)

Fourteen year old Jackie Lee (CA): fell in the semi-finals to Tawny Banh, bun not without a few brilliant forehand loops. Photo by Chip Patton.

Ralph Kissel: Ralph was one of three players from the North Alabama Table Tennis Club to make the trip to the Nationals in 1999 (Chip Patton and Bill Mobley were the others). Photo by Chip Patton (F2, 85 mm, 1/250, 800)

Bill Mobley worked on his form and competitiveness in Vegas after a 4 year hiatus from the sport. Photo by Chip Patton (F2, 85 mm, 1/250, 800)

10,000 Rating Points: Sean Lonergan (MD, 2539) and Cheng Yinghua (MD, 2781) played Khoa Nguyen (CA, 2502) and young Peter Zajac (CA, 2362) on about table 18 with little fanfare but some great points. Photo by Chip Patton (F2, 85 mm, 1/250, 800)

Gao Jun scored almost at will from the forehand or the backhand in her semi-final victory over Lily Yip (NJ). She went on to defeat Tawny Banh in the finals. Photo by Chip Patton (F2, 85 mm, 1/250, 800)

David Zhuang (NJ): was the only one to win so much as a game from Cheng Yinghua in the Men's Single's event. Photo by Chip Patton (F2, 85 mm, 1/250, 800)

1996 Atlanta Cup:

Amy Feng service, February, 1996 in Atlanta (Photo by Chip Patton)

Jimmy Butler and Cheng Yinghua teamed up to win the doubles. (2/9/96, photo by Chip Patton)

Cheng Yinghua Formerly of China, Cheng has won practically every U.S. title he has competed for. (Photo by Michael Wetzel).

1995 World Team Cup, Atlanta, GA:

NATTC member and USATT Alabama State Coordinator Michael Wetzel poses with the 1995 World Team Cup gold medal winners, Chinese Women's Team. Second from the left in the photo is legendary table tennis world champion Deng Yaping. Wetzel served as the sports information supervisor at the World Team Cup. (9/8/95 photo by W.C. Cleveland)

Yoo Nam Kyu helped South Korea win the gold medal at the World Team Cup in Atlanta. In 1988, Kyu won the first men's singles gold medal ever in table tennis in the Seoul Olympics. Here, he is shown with Michael Wetzel, who served as sports information supervisor of the 1995 World Team Cup.

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