Below is historical data on NATTC’s home page:

(in reverse chronological order)

7/1/07 Hit count at 32710. 16th annual Decatur Open entry form and new sponsors posted on line.
7/1/05 Hit count at 26952. 14th annual Decatur Open entry form posted on line.

6/21/05 Hit count at 26710. Posted Bill Mobley going to U.S. Open as player. Mike Wetzel going to New London CT as official. USATT Photo of the Week for June 13 Logan Wetzel's Pinewood Derby car.

01/01/05 Hit count at 22982. Site recorded 4,985 visitors in 2004. Happy New Year 2005.

10/01/04 Hit count at 22222. Chip updates banner for club meetings.

09/13/04 Hit count at 22200. Decatur Open results and photos posted.

07/01/04 Hit count at 19935. Decatur Open entries at 11.

06/07/04 Hit count at 19511. 2004 Decatur Open entry form posted.

04/23/04 Hit count at 18834. Posted welcome back Chip to news banner.

04/13/04 Hit count at 18670.

01/01/04 Hit count at 17997. Posted players list for Alabama Closed

10/08/03 Hit count at 17500. Posted 2003 Alabama Masters Games Results on banner.

09/22/03 Hit count at 17371. Decatur Open ratings posted.

08/19/03 Hit count at 16854. Two days after Decatur Open.

07/17/03 Hit count at 15590. 2003 Decatur Open player list went online.

07/09/03 Hit count at 15464.

06/02/03 Hit count at 15181.

04/30/03 Hit count at 15000.

04/08/03 Hit count at 14629. State tournament results posted.

03/30/03 Hit count at 14378. State closed entries at 26 official, link to morgan tang photo.

03/06/03 Hit count at 14092.

12/31/02 Hit count at 13732. More than 3,000 for the year 2002.

07/24/02 Hit count surpasses 12,000. News banner updated with Friedhelm-Annette wedding, SignFX listed as major sponsor.

07/10/02 Hit count at 11840

07/04/02 News banner updated for July 2002 events with Decatur Open sponsors

06/28/2002 2002 and 2001 history updated with more details and photos added. Also more club activities photos added

12/14/2001 Hit count exceeds 10000

7/15/2001 Hit count exceeds 8000

3/23/2001 Nattc ratings updated

3/09/2001 Nattc ratings updated / hit count:6793

2/04/2001 two new photos added here

2/01/2001 Nattc ratings updated / hit count: 6448

1/24/2001 New picture added of the Nov. 4, 2000 BumperNets Open at

1/11/2001 Nattc ratings updated / hit count: 6239

1/1/2001 Web site has been operational for 4 years, hit count at 6114 as of New Year.

Framed version of web site launched.

12/20/2000 Ratings updated

12/09/2000 The USATT ratings have been updated

12/08/2000 Hit count: 5982

12/07/2000 Ratings updatated

11/31/2000 New 2000 Decatur Open pictures added

11/31/2000 Hit Count: 5916

ll/30/2000 Ratings have been updated

11/26/2000 Move to new web site with our own domain name:

11/14/2000 Changed the link to the Leo Sayer Mike Wetzel photos to:

10/27/2000 Posted change to Wednesdays for basketball. Added Mark Nordby

quote to Photos page for Decatur Open 2000.

10/20/2000 Commented out dead link to Newsweek

10/17/2000 Added 2001 AL Closed and Decatur Open as PROPOSED.

10/16/2000 Added link to Decatur Open 2000 photos at

09/05/2000 Hit count 1394.

09/05/2000 Added 2000 Decatur Open Write-up and Champion Photo; Decatur

Open tournament photos and doubles plaque photo (Club Activities).

Added Top Ten Club Medals from

08/11/2000 Added 2000 Decatur Open T-Shirt Design

08/10/2000 Hit count 1075.

08/10/2000 Upgraded the Decatur Open entries to HTML to include linked sponsor logos.

08/08/2000 Recently added Formosa Restaurant as a sponsor, updated

Decatur Open entries to 25 from 7 states, added scan image of trophy.

08/03/2000 Made some minor changes to sponsor lists and links and Decatur

Open entries

06/25/2000 Added to sponsors list.

06/16/2000 Updated sponsors list for Decatur Open, etc. Moved Citgo, Regions

and Country Inn and Suites to Past Sponsors.

05/24/2000 Removed "Tentative" from the Decatur Open date: Aug. 19, 2000.

Added BumperNets Quick Time Virtual Reality of BumperNets on sponsorship line for BumperNets.

Added stuff to Club Tournaments and Club Activities photo pages.

05/19/2000 Hit count 458.

05/19/2000 Added 2000 Alabama Champs photo, Updated Alabama Past Champions Page

(Need to post rest of photos under tournament photos page)

05/09/2000 Hit count 391.

05/09/2000 Added 2000 Alabama Champs Results

04/24/2000 Fixed Wetzel’s link to Leo Sayer.

04/21/2000 Updated TrophyPlace temporary link with phone #, edc.

04/18/2000 Added link to ACUI National results at canupnet; updated

State entries.

04/18/2000 Hit count 200.

04/03/2000 Posted Mike’s April 1st State Tournament Newsletter.

03/26/2000 Updated Alabama Past Champions page.

03/22/2000 Hit count 80.

03/22/2000 Posted the 2000 State Entry form.

03/21/2000 Updated Women’s names in ACUI story.

03/08/2000 Added story under Other Tournaments on home page on ACUI Region 6

including photos. Also set the date (May 6) for the 2000 Ala. Closed.

Hit count 34.

02/23/2000 The counter on the home page reset spontaneously, it had recently

rolled over 4000. I restarted it. Also removed the JoCo link.

02/23/2000 Hit count 4000+.

02/17/2000 Updated the Wednesday meeting note to resume Thursdays March 2

01/13/2000 Added a store photo of BumperNets. Added NATTC Club Championships

write up and photo.

12/24/1999 Added several photos to the Olympic photos page, one to the National

Tournaments page. Then added several to the National Tournaments page from the Nationals.

11/11/1999 Added 5 photos to the 1999 Decatur Open section on the club

tournament photos page. Added Brahan Spring photo to When / Where page.

11/05/1999 Updated Home Page for playing on Wednesdays, also When and Where

page. Commented out Mike’s Venezuela fancy link for faster page loading.

10/08/1999 Updated link and logo for Bumper Nets.

09/24/1999 Added rating results for the Decatur Open.

09/08/1999 Fixed a few minor problems with the Decatur Open photos.

09/07/1999 Put up several pictures from the 1999 Decatur Open. Fixed the

name of the Olympic coach of the Chinese women’s team.

08/31/1999 Posted results and champion photo of 1999 Decatur Open.

08/28/1999 Hit count 3400.

08/20/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries up to 67, Courtney Austell withdrew,

may have some additions late this evening.

08/19/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries up to 68. Hit count 3317. Also put

Amy Feng’s picture linked from tournament announcement and fixed old links on photos pages to home page nattc from httc.

08/18/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries up to 58.

08/17/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries up to 43. Hit count 3292.

08/16/1999 Put in a complete outline for the history in history.txt. Finally!

08/15/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries, up to 34 at this point.

08/14/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries, up to 31 at this point.

08/10/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries, up to 24 at this point.

08/09/1999 Updated Decatur Open entries, up to 20 at this point.

08/05/1999 Added Columbian Coffee logo to Olympics Photos page. Added 1999

Decatur Open T-shirt design to Upcoming Tournaments and Club Tournament Photos pages.

08/03/1999 Added 4 names to DO entrants list, up to 16 through 8/2.

08/01/1999 Updated DO 99 entries, now 12, missing 1. Fixed filenames for Juan

Valdez and SOWG Umps.

07/25/1999 Corrected typo on Olympics page metal => medal. Added Juan Valdez

and SOWG Umps pictures. Updated DO 99 entries.

07/24/1999 Moved sponsors without recent activity to "Past Sponsors" page.

Added link to last year’s Decatur Open shirt photo. Added Who’s Entered list for 1999 Decatur Open. Added Decatur Open shirt photos for 1998 and 1997 to Club Photos page.

07/05/1999 Added orange ball and paddle animated OrangeBall.gif I created to

photos page. Added Mike’s Venezuela page banner. Added link to Mike’s personal page. Added 1988 photo of Don Gaither to AL Champions page.

06/30/1999 Added ball and paddle animated BounceB.gif I created yesterday.

06/29/1999 Added downloadable entry forms for 1999 Decatur open; sponsors

Bumper Nets, Trophy Place, Lang’s and updated Pepsi and Decatur Daily

06/01/1999 The web site counter was 3,000 at 11 p.m. Tuesday. First 1,000

was in November 1997.

05/30/1999 Added page for Princess Diana photos

05/28/1999 Added rating results for 1999 State Closed. Added teaser for

Princess Diana photos

04/29/1999 Updated States results for Youth portion

04/25/1999 Posted States results and photos

04/05/1999 Linked Newsweek article, Added State Closed Entries

03/22/1999 Posted Rating Results for 1999 NA Open

03/19/1999 Posted Alabama Championship and Alabama Youth Championships

entry forms in MS Word and text formats. Added sponsor entries or annotations for Regions, Citgo, TTofNE.

03/16/1999 Added link to Mike Wetzel’s Venezuela photos:; also fixed "Kisse" typo in ALChamps.html

03/03/1999 Hit count: 2600

03/03/1999 Added No. Ala. Open results and photo of Lee McCool

02/09/1999 Fixed "competetive" typo. Removed Monday night listing for Madison’s

Dublin Park play.

02/08/1999 Posted North Alabama Open 1999 entry form in Text and MS Word

02/03/1999 Fixed date on N. Ala. Open to 2/27/1999; replaced Bluff City TT

Club link with NTTC (Nashville) link.

01/27/1999 Added exhibition at Shades Mountain photo, Volunteer Cup photo

at River Oaks Center and Huntsville Times article. Added TTofNE to sponsors.

01/26/1999 On ed watts disney world photo text, mickey wouldn’t play

"hime" typo. In the kind and queen of sweden text, it says johny huang; should be johnny, also added Mike wetzel to the text with Coach Lu in the women’s gold medal photo by joe mitchell. Removed "new"s from Olympic photos page. Fixed year on 1990 Volunteer cup photo.

01/25/1999 Fixed CITGO corporate link.

01/22/1999 Hit count: 2423

01/22/1999 Added two old photos, Club play in Madison and the Volunteer Cup

sign at the Parkway City Mall

11/20/1998 Finally posted some photos from the 1998 Decatur Open; also of Ed

Watts at Disney World (Club photos page). Citgo Booth under Sponsors, Tai Long Tey photo; updated tentative tournaments list.

10/30/1998 Updated Sponsors years for 1998 Decatur Open; Added Rating results

for 1998 Decatur Open

09/18/1998 Updated the 1998 Decatur Open Results

09/18/1998 Hit count: 2075

09/07/1998 Hit count: 1952

08/18/1998 Added the "Entires So Far" list for the 1998 Decatur Open

08/18/1998 Hit count: 1862 (Hit Count has now surpassed my rating—CRP)

07/28/1998 Hit count: 1789

07/28/1998 Posted MS Word and ASCII versions of 1998 Decatur Open entry form.

Posted photo of Dr. Lee and Grissom Club members

07/01/1998 Added links to The Chipster Zone and Mike’s Leo Sayers photos

06/24/1998 Updated ratings list to 1/24/98

06/24/1998 Replaced 1997 photo with 1998 AL closed photo; Added 1998

doubles photo to AL Champs; added TGI Friday’s photo to Club Tournaments Photos page; took tentative off 1998 Decatur open, added two tentative Danville tourneys.

06/24/1998 Hit count: 1680

04/27/1998 Moved Birmingman City to Other Results; Updated ALchamps;

added 1998 state results, updated DaysInn photo (Decatur Open 97);

McAfee and Gover photo tied to NA Open; coaching clinic under club


04/19/1998 Added Birmingman City / 98 State Preview

04/19/1998 Hit count: 1506

03/15/1998 Changed States date to April 25; Added TGI Friday’s as sponsor.

03/01/1998 Changed name and address to nattc. Posted results from

the N. Ala. Open. Need photo and State entry form.

03/01/1998 Hit count: 1362

01/26/1998 Added entry form link for 2/28/98 N.A. Open

01/09/1998 Made background default color from white; Updated upcoming

tournaments list—moved North Alabama Open to Late Spring, put date

on State, Decatur Open; Added North Alabama to title

01/05/1998 Added Mike Wetzel’s e-mail link

01/05/1998 Hit count: 1160

12/21/97 Changed Tentative Tournaments; Added club photos of Chris Dang,

Tom, Mike and Henri Kibler; Grissom H.S. TTC; added 1984 Wetzel,

Zambrano, McNeil photo to AL Champs page; Days Inn sign at night

12/21/97 Hit count: 1120

11/13/97 Added Jimmy Butler Decatur Open Interview Photo

11/13/97 Hit count: 966

11/02/97 Hit count: 919

10/20/97 Hit count: 857

10/19/97 Added 2 Jimmy Butler photos to the Photos => Club Tournaments page

Also added one to my personal TT page.

10/16/97 Added Jimmy Butler Decatur Open Champion Photo; added Southeastern

Longtimers Convention story and photo

09/11/97 Added 1997 Decatur Open Results (preliminary)

09/11/97 Hit count: 750

08/22/97 Hit count: 654

08/22/97 Added Tie Tack Scanned image link

07/27/97 Linked text version of Decatur Open ‘97 entry form, added CITGO / Vulcan Oil sponsor link and added a link to the Memphis club.

07/11/97 Added "Extra.gif" and 1997 to Robbins Sports Decatur Open Sponsorship

06/23/97 Added link to Days Inn

06/23/97 Hit count: 544

06/01/97 Added photos of Dave Wilder, Fred Berry 2, Topspin and 1997 Decatur lockin.

06/01/97 Added Past Alabama Champions Page; added sponsor link to Jimmy

Smith Jewelers

06/01/97 Hit count: 492

05/04/97 Added photos of Dean Thomas, Aqua Dome Meeting Room, Don and Ralph’s exhibition at Girls Basketball game. A few days ago added results of 1997 State Tournament.

05/04/97 Hit count: 400

04/16/97 Hit count: 333

03/17/97 Hit count: 250

03/16/97 Posted State Tournament entry form (text version)

03/10/97 Added link to Fred Berry fan page by Dave Irwin:

03/10/97 Photos page re-organized into 4 sections

02/21/97 Hit count: about 50

01/28/97 Approximate date site was linked from USATT clubs page

01/10/97 Approximate date site was advertised in Usenet newsgroup

01/01/97 Approximate date site went on-line