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- 2005 Decatur Open -

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Last Updated: 08/18/2005)

The eBay auctions are over!

Bong Geun Kim (Atlanta, Georgia, 2277) and Matt Keenum (Helena, AL, UR) have each won themselves a spot in the Decatur Open. The winning bids were each $102.50. Proceeds from these auctions will be donated to a USATT player program. Thanks to all involved!

The tournament starts in: (days:hrs:mins:secs)


If you are entered but will not be able to play, please contact us ( so that we may let someone else play!
We have a number of people who sent in entries but will not be able to play because we have no spots left. Thank you! We have had 3 cancellations to the original 71 players (Harsha Koneru, 614 and Nathaniel Patton 677, Homer Brown 1914), the next postmarked entries of July 27 were Jens Kujat 2060 of Nashville, Andrew Davis 1178 of Boaz, KY., Tom Alexy 1433 of Jacksonville, AL, who have accepted spots.

Turn aways: if you sent in an entry but are not listed here you should have been contacted by Michael Wetzel or Walt Chenault. We wish we could take everyone but time and space will not allow it. Thanks for your interest; see you next year!

Looking for a roommate: Paul Holliger of Louisville, KY is looking for a roomie for the tournament. He plans on staying at the tournament hotel, the Microtel Inn and Suites. Please contact the commitee if you are interested in sharing the costs with Paul. Thanks.
From Where: Players hail from 11 different states!
Traveling the farthest: Danya Budiman, Salem, N.H. 1,271 miles.

You are visitor number : (since July 21) Please visit our sponsors' Web sites and show your appreciation!

The Shirt: See this year's design! The slogan: "Table Tennis: Two words. One great sport" designed by Michael Wetzel and Lynn Alred.

Check out the Decatur-Morgan County Convention & Visitors Bureau for things to do while you're in Decatur!

The Draw: The draw, showing who is playing in which round robin groups in the morning, will be printed in The Decatur Daily Saturday, the morning of the tournament. Buy your copy!

The final updated ratings for the players have been posted.
The Players (71 entries as of August 15):
Name City State Club USATT Rating
Bong Geun Kim Atlanta GA AGTTA 2277
Soon Chian Lim (winner) Memphis TN Bluff City TTC 2263
Adam Brown Birmingham AL Bumpernets 2096
Jens Kujat Nashville TN NTTC 2060
Jason Denton Trinity AL NATTC 1983
Tommy Dailey Birmingham AL NEATT 1969
Billy Carlisle Metarie LA New Orleans TTC 1954
Ernesto Kawamoto Huntsville AL NATTC 1940
Terry Hamilton Birmingham AL Magic City TTC 1927
Homer Brown Birmingham AL Bumpernets 1914 (HAS WITHDRAWN)
Chip Patton Madison AL NATTC 1905
Shelby Lane Memphis TN Bluff City TTC 1896
Amer Shaw Loretto KY Southern Indiana TTC 1891
Jude Lam Knoxville TN KTTC 1864
Warren McNeil Dothan AL Wiregrass TTC 1844
Danya Budiman Salem NH Bedford TTC 1833
Bill Mobley Huntsville AL NATTC 1830
Denis Fritchie Cordova TN Bluff City TTC 1802
Johnny Billy Satsuma AL Lower Alabama TTC 1795
Chuck Outlaw Dothan AL Wiregrass TTC 1792
Patrick Sullivan Hoover AL Bumpernets 1782
Michael S. Harris Anniston AL NEATT 1759
Alex Lehocky Smyrna TN Newgy 1736
David Budenstein Niceville FL Pensacola TTC 1723
Joe Mozur Gulf Breeze FL Pensacola TTC 1717
Jimmy Pappadeas Columbia MD MDTTC 1706
Roger Dickson Gallatin TN Newgy TTC 1703
Rusty Nunnally Birmingham AL Roebuck 1687
Herb Bennett Hattiesburg MS USMTTC 1643
Chet Ray Leeds AL NEATT 1636
Hugh Lax Memphis TN Bluff City TTC 1631
Andrew Strong Decatur AL NATTC 1612
Ed Watts Huntsville AL NATTC 1603
Don McCrary Huntsville AL NATTC 1592
Dwayne Griffith Dresden TN N/A 1547
Adrian Nuta Brentwood TN Nashville TTC 1543
Shawfe Sung Chattanooga TN Chattanooga TTC 1470
L.A. Johnston Pensacola FL Pensacola TTC 1465
Danny Crowson Delta AL NEATT 1449
Richard Shrout Rockville MD Maryland TTC 1442
Tom Alexy Jacksonville AL NEATT 1433
Robert McNeal Fairfield AL NEATT 1426
Larry White Lavergne TN n/a 1401
Bailey McKay Ashland AL NEATT 1371
Chris Golden Helena AL NEATT 1356
Jason Stancil Anniston AL NEATT 1345
Paul Holliger Louisville KY Louisville TTC 1299
Charles Israel Wellington AL NEATT 1296
Deepak Sugathan Mobile AL na 1274
Chris Sharp Chicago IL Louisville TTC 1265
Robert Haskins De Land FL Ocala 1257
Dick Cloyd Huntsville AL NATTC 1192
Ken Engle Hartselle AL NATTC 1182
Timothy Stremmel Anniston AL NEATT 1179
Andrew Davis Boaz KY Murray State TTC 1178
Robert LaBarre Vicksburg MS N/A 1152
Daniel Engle Hartselle AL Decatur UR (1150)
William LeBourveau Hoover AL NEATT 1121
Ray Thrift Roanoke VA W. Salem 1120
Tony Beam Pleasant Grove AL PGTTA 1049
Collin Fullerton Huntsville AL NATTC 1007
Isaac Sanford Hartselle AL Decatur UR (1000)
Kim Ray Birmingham AL N/A 967
Johnnie Ellis Birmingham AL NEATT 922
Rick Ferguson Chelsea AL N/A 888
Torin Alter Northport AL University of Alabama TTC 826
Nathan Boswell Huntsville AL NATTC 779
Bhageeradh Mulpur Huntsville AL NATTC 715
Nathaniel Patton Madison AL NATTC 677 (HAS WITHDRAWN)
Harsha Koneru Athens AL NATTC 614 (HAS WITHDRAWN)
Spencer Lane Memphis TN Memphis TTC 405
William Foster Birmingham AL Magic City TTC UR
Matt Keenum Helena AL NEATT UR
Brian LaBarre Vicksburg MS N/A UR

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